Merge Storage Pools

You can merge two storage pools to combine the contents of both pools. To merge multiple pools, merge two pools at a time until the desired storage pool is created.

NOTE: A pool merge operation is blocked when one of the pools contains synchronously replicated volumes.
IMPORTANT: Deduplication Domains cannot be merged, see Domains for details.
  1. Select ManageData Storage.
    NOTE: The Storage Pools menu option only appears if you have more than one array in your environment.
  2. In the list of storage pools for the group, click the name of the storage pool into which to merge another pool. This is the target pool.
  3. On the details page for the selected storage pool, go to Pool ActionsMerge Pools .
  4. In the Merge Pools dialog box, select the storage pool to merge into the target pool.
  5. Click Merge Pools.
    The storage pools are merged and the changes appear in the Storage Pools summary page.