Folders are containers for holding volumes. They are used most often for organization, management, and further delegation. Folders provide simple volume grouping for ease of management.

You can monitor the performance of folders by going to the MonitorPerformance tab.

External management agents such as VASA Storage Containers (Virtual Volumes) and SMI-S storage pools, map to folders and can leverage them directly.

A folder can have a usage limit, a provisioned limit, or no limit.
  • Usage limit – Limits the amount of space used by volumes and clones in the folder. The usage includes the compressed size of both the volumes and the snapshots. For virtual volumes, the usage limit is the size that will be reported for the datastore in vCenter. Note that the usage limit will cause new volume creation to fail when the usage limit is reached.
  • Provisioned limit – Limits the amount of space that can be provisioned in the folder.