Shutting Down the GL

  1. Disable ASO and unconfigure witness.
  2. Perform a handover of all volume collections from the GL to the BGL so that the BGL will have only upstream volumes serving IO.
  3. Migrate GL functions to the BGL:
    1. Verify that the replicated configuration data on the backup up group leader is current with the group leader data.
      group --status
    2. Determine whether you can safely migrate the group management services from the group leader array to the backup group leader array.
      group --check_migrate
    3. Start the migration.
      group --migrate
  4. Once the former BGL becomes the GL, you can shut down original GL for maintenance.
  5. Once maintenance is done, turn array on.
  6. Handover volume collections as needed.
  7. Await synchronization to complete.
  8. Enable ASO and configure the witness.