Synchronous Replication

Synchronous replication provides protection from array or site failures with no data loss. It provides a zero recovery point objective, meaning that there is no data loss in the event of an array or site failure. This is not available with snapshot replication. Synchronous replication ensures that host reconfiguration is not required.

Synchronous replication allows you to protect the entire array and enable or disable protection simply by adding or removing it in the protection schedule.

You can also use the Peer Persistence feature, which combines synchronous replication with automatic switchover (ASO). Peer Persistence allows your arrays to recover automatically and non-disruptively from a storage based failure. For the purpose of this documentation, the two components of Peer Persistence are referred to by their functional descriptions, synchronous replication and ASO, rather than the feature name.

For more information on ASO, see Automatic Switchover (ASO).