Alarm Management

Alarms help users to better monitor and manage their storage by alerting them to a variety of different events. Compared to events, which are presented in a log based on the sequence of the occurrence of the event, alarms are active issues on the array presented in real time.

The alarms have multiple states including open, acknowledged, and closed. You can perform the following actions with the alarms:

  • Set and modify reminders for the alarms
  • Mute reminders for a period of time
  • Set or modify the frequency of the reminders
  • Disable the reminders

The alarms have numerous properties, including the following:

  • Event time
  • Severity
  • Category
  • Description
  • Object type
  • Object name
  • Status
  • Username of the acknowledging user
  • Array name
  • Group name
  • Time of acknowledgment
  • Recovery time
  • Object ID

    Object IDs might not exist for events that are raised by platform.