Specifying an External Authentication Directory Service

You can specify that the array use either Microsoft Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to provide external authentication server support. The first time you select either Active Directory or LDAP, you must provide domain information. After that, the array GUI displays the current service and domain information when you view the Directory information.
NOTE: The array supports both Active Directory and LDAP; however, you cannot run both of them simultaneously. You must remove the current domain connections before you can switch between an Active Directory and LDAP configuration. See Switch Between Active Directory and LDAP Using the GUI.
  1. Select AdministrationSecurityDirectory.
  2. From the Directory dropdown list, select either Active Directory or LDAP.
  3. Provide the information necessary to set up the domain and select Connect.
    The array displays information about the domain.
  4. To confirm that the domain is connected, select Test Connection.
    If you need to change the configuration, select ActionsEdit. Then repeat Step 2 and Step 3.