Add or Remove Arrays from a Storage Pool

You can modify storage pools to add or remove arrays. Only one pool can be assigned to a given array. Multiple arrays can be assigned to the same pool.

You cannot add an array to an existing pool that has synchronous replication enabled.

NOTE: A pool must always have one member array.
Exercise caution when you change a storage pool assignment because it may result in a large migration of data.
  1. Go to ManageData Storage.
  2. Select the pool name from the navigation tree.
  3. Go to Pool ActionsEdit.
  4. In the Edit Pool dialog box, click the green arrow next to any arrays to add them or click the red arrow next to any arrays to remove them.
    Removing an array from a storage pool causes any data in volumes that use the array in the storage pool to be moved to the remaining storage pool members.
  5. Click Save.