Configure an iSCSI Interface

You can add or remove an iSCSI interface to or from one or more subnets.
  1. Choose AdministrationNetwork.
  2. Click Configure Active Settings to configure an interface in the Active network configuration profile.
    NOTE: You can also click Configure Draft Settings or View Backup Settings to configure an interface in the Draft or Backup network configuration profile, respectively.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click the Interfaces tab.
  5. Check the checkbox next to the interface to be configured then click Configure.
  6. Add or remove the interface to or from subnets as follows:
    • Click Add to another Subnet and choose a subnet on which to add the interface. If you choose a data subnet, you must specify the data IP address. If the subnet has a VLAN ID, VLAN tagging is automatically enabled. You can uncheck Tagged to disable VLAN tagging.
    • Click the delete icon to remove the interface from a subnet.
  7. Click Done, then click Save.
    The array OS validates the configuration change, and commits the configuration if no error exists. If an error does exist, the array OS returns an error message.