Demote a Volume Collection

If you are using snapshot replication, you can use the demote procedure to make a different group the upstream partner. When you perform this operation, the volumes associated with the volume collection are set to offline and a snapshot is created. Control over the volume collection is then transferred to replication partner you specify. You can use this option following a promote operation to revert the volume collection to the previous replication partner.
NOTE: The demote procedure only works with snapshot replicated volume collections. You cannot demote a synchronously replicated volume collection.
  1. Go to ManageData Protection.
  2. Select the volume collection to be demoted.
  3. Click ActionsDemote.
  4. Choose a partner name from the Partner Name menu.
  5. If the volume collection uses multiple downstream partners, the system displays a warning message listing the partners and telling you that the operation will break all replication. Enter Yes to continue the demote operation..
  6. Click OK.
Ensure that you do not have any iSCSI initiators that point to the demoted volumes (members of the demoted volume collection).