Move a Volume from One Storage Pool to Another

Moving a volume also moves its snapshots and clones from one storage pool to another. Because a folder is confined to a pool, a move between pools will affect the folder assignment. The destination pool must have sufficient space to accommodate the current use and reserve space for all volumes being moved.

Depending on the size of the volume and the amount of data, it could take some time to complete a move from one storage pool to another. During this time, writes are allowed. Some forwarding of I/O requests from arrays in the source pool to arrays in the destination pool can occur during the move. This can result in temporarily reduced I/O throughput.

At any point during a move, an administrator can stop the move. When a volume move is stopped, all data that has already moved onto the destination pool moves back to the source pool. This may take some time, depending on the size of the pools and how much data has been moved.

  1. From ManageData Storage.
  2. On the Volumes summary page, check the name of the volume to move to another storage pool.
  3. Click the arrow icon to move the volume.
  4. In the Move Volumes dialog box, select the Destination Pool into which to move the selected volume, its snapshots, and its clones.
  5. Click Move.

    Optionally, you can track the status of the move by moving to the Volume view.