Download and Update the Array OS with Internet Access

If you have not tested failover recently, you should perform a failover in each direction prior to updating the software to ensure that the software update process is successful.

Use this task to update your array OS software when the array has an internet connection.

  1. Choose AdministrationSoftware.
  2. In the Software pane, click Download.
  3. In the list of Updates, check the update to install and click Download.
  4. When you see the update file in the Software pane as Downloaded, click Update.
  5. When the End User License Agreement (EULA) appears, scroll to the bottom of the EULA, check the box, and click Agree.
    NOTE: Installation does not continue until you click Agree.
  6. Read the Software Update message and click OK.
    The update process takes about 70 minutes per array. During that time, a controller failover and a browser reload occur automatically. The array itself remains online and available throughout the update.

    If you have multiple arrays in a storage group, all group arrays are updated, one at a time, to the same array OS version.

    NOTE: If your connection to the array drops during the update, you might not be able to re-establish connection until the update is done.

    When the update is finished, the new version is listed as the Current version and the previous version is listed as Previous.