Change Partnership from Snapshot Replication to Synchronous Replication within a Group

The main advantages of synchronous replication over snapshot replication is a zero recovery point and recovery time objective. To change the partnership within a group from snapshot replication to synchrous replication, perfrom the following step:

  1. Remove the replica volumes from the downstream array. See Delete a Volume.
  2. Remove the replication partnership. See Delete a Replication Partner.
  3. Remove the partnership between the arrays and clean-up of any volume collections as needed. See Delete a Volume Collection.
  4. Merge the groups. See Merge Two Groups.
  5. Set up volume collections for Synchronous Replication. See Reconfigure Synchronous Replication.
  6. Seed the replication partners with data.
Enable Peer Persistence to complete the zero recovery point and recovery time objective set-up. See Automatic Switchover (ASO).