Identify Online Snapshots Using the OS GUI

You can use the OS GUI to identify snapshots that are currently online.
  1. Select ManageVolumes.
  2. Select the volume that might have an online snapshot.
  3. Click the Snapshots tab. Online snapshots show up as green.
  4. Determine whether the online snapshot is connected to a host (initiator). If a host is actively using the snapshot, complete the operation that is in progress; for example migrating or moving data.
  5. Determine whether there is a reason to have the online snapshot in the future:
    • Is the snapshot required by an application or script. If it is, take the following actions:
      1. Check the retention schedule to make sure the snapshot will be removed at a future date.
      2. Disconnect the snapshot from the host before the next snapshot deletion operation is scheduled to occur.
    • Is this the only common snapshot between the upstream array and the downstream array. If it is, then deleting the snapshot would cause the volume to need a full re-seed.
  6. If you do not need to maintain an online snapshot, perform the following steps:
    1. Disconnect the snapshot from the host.
    2. Make it offline.
    3. Delete it.