Register a vCenter Plugin with vCenter Server

To manage volumes or Virtual Volumes (vVols) through vCenter Server, you must register the HPE vCenter Plugin with vCenter Server.
  1. Select AdministrationVMware Integration.
    You see the Register vCenter dialog box.
  2. Enter the vCenter Server name.
  3. Enter the hostname or IP address of the vCenter Server and the port to be used.
  4. Enter a description for the vCenter Plugin.
  5. Enter the username and password for the vCenter Plugin.
  6. Check one of the following extension types to register the vCenter Plugin with vCenter Server:
    • Web Client for a web client
    • Thick Client for a desktop client
    • VASA Provider (vVols) for a VASA Provider, which is used for vVols
  7. Click Save.