Restoring Snapshot Data from Clones Workflow

In the rare case that an entire dataset is corrupted, you can restore the entire volume. Restoring a volume from a snapshot replaces the data in the volume with the data that existed when you created the snapshot. Restoring a volume does not destroy the existing snapshot.

The following table describes the workflow for restoring snapshot data from a clone:

Step Notes
1. Change the State of a Volume Before restoring data from a snapshot, the volume to be restored needs to be taken offline.
2. Take a Manual Snapshot Taking a manual snapshot of the volume saves its most recent state.
3. Clone a Volume from a Snapshot Clone a volume from the snapshot you want to use to restore the data.
4. Restore a Volume from a Snapshot Restoring the volume from the snapshot restores the snapshot data to the volume.
5. Change the State of a Volume After the volume is restored from the clone, you need to set the volume back online.