Synchronous Replication Prerequisites and Limitations

The following list includes requirements and limitations for the use of synchronous replication.

General Limitations
  • Array group can consist of only two single array pools:
    • Multi-array pools are not supported.
    • Synchronous replication of multiple pool volume collections is not supported.
    • Moving synchronously replicated volumes between pools is not supported.
  • The maximum number of replication volumes is 512 upstream and 512 downstream volumes.
  • The hardware models must be the same for all arrays in the synchronous replication relationship.
  • A 10G link between the sites (Ethernet, not FC) is required.
  • Round trip latency between the sites should be less than or equal to five msec.
  • You must install the latest host and client components.
  • Synchronous Replication only works through storage failover and does not support host level failover.
Operations and Features not Supported with Synchronous Replication
  • Unsupported arrays

    Synchronous Replication is not supported on HF20H, CS1000H, or SFAxxx arrays.

  • Volume pinning
  • Volume striping
  • Volume resizing

    You must unconfigure synchronous replication to resize a volume.

  • Volume move
  • Folder space limits enforcement
  • Snapshot replication

    A volume collection cannot be configured for both snapshot replication and synchronous replication.

  • HPE Cloud Volume (CV) replication
  • Virtual arrays
  • Virtual volumes (vVols)
  • SMI-S volumes
  • Changing replication type
  • Array replacement

    You must unconfigure synchronous replication to replace an array.

  • Multiprotocol arrays (FC and iSCSI)
  • Volume restore

    You must unconfigure synchronous replication to restore a volume.