Volume Collections and Multiple Replication Partners

You can specify up to two downstream replication partners for a single volume collection when you create multiple data protection schedules and specify a replication type of Periodic Snapshot.

Each protection schedule is limited to one replication partner. You can specify one partner for a schedule and the other partner for a different schedule.

A volume collection can have up to ten schedules. For example, a volume collection might have Partner_A and Partner_B as replication partners. If you set up ten schedules for the volume collection, you could have schedules one through five replicate to Partner_A and the rest replicate to Partner_B. Or you could assign Partner_B to schedules one and two and Partner_A to the rest of the schedules. There is no required order for assigning partners to schedules.

NOTE: If you attempt to specify a third replication partner in the set of schedules, you will receive an error message.
The replication partners can be either two on-site downstream partners or one on-site downstream partner and one HPE Cloud Volume partner.
NOTE: You cannot have two HPE Cloud Volume partners.