Tagged and Untagged VLAN Subnets

The VLAN tag attribute of an interface determines whether the subnet to which that interface belongs is tagged or untagged. Interfaces that have VLAN tagging enabled are exposed to the network with that subnet’s VLAN ID. While a subnet can accept both tagged and untagged traffic, all tagged interface assignments must use the same VLAN ID. For each subnet, the interfaces at both ends of the network link (switch end and device end) must be assigned either tagged or untagged.

For more information, see Move an Array from One Tagged VLAN to Another.

VLAN tagging is supported on both iSCSI and Fibre Channel subnets. For Fibre Channel, VLAN tagging is supported on management subnets only. For iSCSI, VLAN tagging is supported on both management and data subnets.