Perform a Volume Collection Handover

You must have a remote schedule configured for the volume collection that you want to hand over.
As part of your disaster recovery strategy, you can perform a handover operation with volume collections that use snapshot replication and synchronous replication.

With synchronous replication, you can hand over an in-sync volume collection. For out-of-sync volume collections, you must unconfigure synchronous replication to gain access to the downstream volumes or wait for the volume collections to complete synchronization and move in-sync.

  1. Shut down any application that uses any of the volumes associated with the volume collection you are going to hand over.
  2. Go to ManageData ProtectionVolume Collections.
  3. Click the name of the volume collection to hand over.
  4. In the detail page for the selected volume collection, click ActionsHandover.
  5. If the volume collection uses multiple downstream partners, the system displays a warning message listing the partners and telling you that the operation will break replication to the other partner. Enter Yes to continue the handover operation..
  6. Choose the replication partner group as the New Volume Collection Owner from the drop-down menu.
    NOTE: The amount of time it takes for a handover to complete can vary depending on the load and the data volume.
  7. If you do not want to reverse the direction of replication, uncheck Automatically reverse the direction of replication.
  8. Click OK to begin the handover process.
  9. Refresh the browser page and verify that the direction for the volume collection is now labeled Replica.
  10. Under Schedule, verify that the Owned by and Replicate to fields have reversed partner names.
    • The volume collection ownership is transferred to the specified downstream partner.
    • The volumes associated with the volume collection on the upstream array are now in a standby state.
    • The volumes associated with the volume collection on the downstream array are now in an active state and are serving I/O.
    • The direction of replication is reversed if you selected that option.
    • If the schedule set for that volume collection includes multiple downstream replication partners, the schedules for the other downstream partner are halted.
    • With synchronous replication, the snapshot retention limits remain with each pool during a handover.
After you perform a handover, you have the option of restoring the group leader and backup group leader to their original states by performing a group leader migration. See the CLI Administration Guide for information about performing a group migration.