Pinnable Flash Capacity

Only a portion of the array's total flash capacity can be used for pinning. The amount of pinnable capacity is determined by the amount of usable cache in the system and the amount of usable disk capacity in the system. The array OS performs these calculations.

The formula for determining pinnable capacity depends on whether you are using a deduplication:
  • A hybrid array without deduplication:

    pinnable capacity = 66% * (usable cache capacity - (4% * usable disk capacity))

    For example, an array without deduplication enabled that has a usable disk capacity of 100 TB and a total flash capacity of 12 TB, the total pinnable capacity of the array is 66% of ((12 TB - (4% * 100 TB)) = 5.28 TB.

  • A hybrid array with deduplication enabled:

    pinnable capacity = 66% * (usable cache capacity - (4% * usable disk capacity) – (4% * maximum-enabled deduplication capacity))

For striped pools, the pinnable capacity is

(minimum value of (pinnable capacity/usable disk capacity) on any individual array) * (total usable disk capacity across all arrays in the stripe)

If you are unable to pin a volume, you may need to adjust the flash capacity. For more information, see Unable to Pin a Volume.