Monitor Host Administrative Data Using Cross-Stack Analytics for Hyper-V

The GUI lets you view the data provided by Cross-Stack Analytics for Hyper-V (previously referred to as Stackvision) as well as perform an on-demand collection of the data.

Cross-Stack Analytics for Hyper-V collects telemetry data from Hyper-V based virtualized infrastructures and analyzes the data in the HPE InfoSight portal. InfoSight includes a powerful data analytics platform that enables you to:
  • Analyze your Hyper-V virtual environment along with your environment
  • Collect configuration information, performance metrics, and logged data from hosts, hypervisors and applications
  • View and analyze telemetry data as part of the data collection packages that are sent from the arrays
The virtualized infrastructure performance data that is sent to InfoSight is correlated and displayed in an easy-to-understand visualization that enables you to quickly analyze potential issues.

Before you can enable Hyper-V analytics, you must download and install the HPE InfoSight Hyper-V Collector Toolkit. Then you must register your Hyper-V hosts and your array with the Collector Toolkit agent. For instructions on how to perform these steps, refer to Getting Started with Cross-Stack Analytics for Hyper-V, which is available on the InfoSight documentation portal.

After you have installed the HPE InfoSight Hyper-V Collector Toolkit and registered your Hyper-V hosts and your array, you can display the following collected configuration and statistical data on your array:

  • The name of the Hyper-V host machine being monitored
    NOTE: This is the Hyper-V host on which the Hyper-V Collector is installed.
  • The IP address of the host machine
  • Whether the data collector is enabled
  • The date when the host machine was last polled for configuration information
  • The date when the host machine was last polled for statistics
Data collection is performed automatically; however, you can elect to collect data on demand. With automatic data collection, data is collected at the following frequency:
  • Statistical data is collected every 20 seconds at the host and sent to the array every 10 minutes.
  • Configuration data is collected every 30 minutes at the host and sent to the array every 24 hours.
To collect data on demand, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to MonitorHosts Hyper-V Analytics.
  2. Click the name of a Hyper-V host machine in the Hyper-V Analytics window. The Agent Details window appears, in which you can view information about a specific host machine.
From the Agent Details window, you can poll for configuration and statistical data on demand by clicking on a collection button.
  • Click the COLLECT CONFIG button to collect configuration information.
  • Click the COLLECT STATS button to collect statistical information.
The Agent Details window provides polling status data about specific Hyper-V machines, which includes the following information:
  • NAME
  • LAST STATUS POLL (by date)
  • LAST STATUS POLL STATUS ( including whether or not a connection was successful)
  • LAST STATISTICS POLL STATUS (including whether or not a connection was successful)