Monitor Replication

You can monitor the lag time of replications when sending data to a partner or receiving data from a partner.
  1. Go to Monitor > Replication.
  2. Select a specific replication partner or all replication partners from the Replication Partner dropdown list.
  3. Select one of the following time intervals:
    • Real time
    • One of the predefined time intervals
    • Custom interval
    1. If you selected Real Time, you can click Pause to stop real-time updates and freeze the data on screen.
    2. Click Resume to continue tracking space usage.
The upper part of the page provides information about the replication throughput while sending or receiving data. If you are monitoring data the selected array is sending, the lower part of the page provides the following information for lagging replications:
  • Volume Collection, which identifies the volume collections
  • Time Lag, which displays an estimated amount of time that the replication is lagging
  • Data Remaining, which specifies the amount of data that still needs to be sent
  • Last Recovery Point, which identifies the time of the last completed replication