Automatic and Manual Snapshots

You can manually take a volume snapshot at any time. Manual snapshots are often used for testing a new application before integrating it with a production volume or for troubleshooting.

You can assign a volume to a volume collection so that snapshots and replication automatically occur based on the schedules associated with the volume collection. Automatic snapshots are typically used for backup operations. Use your existing backup software, triggered by the snapshot schedule.

NOTE: When the system time changes, and the time change is identical to a protection schedule interval, the next scheduled snapshot is skipped. Daily schedules may have one or more snapshots per day, and are skipped only if the snapshot time falls within the missed time frame. For example, if you have an hourly snapshot schedule and the system makes a Daylight Savings Time adjustment of one hour,the next scheduled snapshot is skipped because the system identifies that the snapshot for that hour was already taken.