Replica Details

NOTE: To view details about HPE Cloud Volumes (HPE CV), you must access the HPE CV portal.

You can view the details about an on-premises replica on the volumes page for the replica. You can tell that a particular volume is a replica because it has a replica icon in the crumb trail at the top of the page. You can also verify that the Edit button is disabled as are the actions in the More Actions dropdown menu. The reason for these characteristics is because the replica is owned by the upstream group. When you access the replica from the downstream group, you can only view the replica. You cannot edit it.

The downstream group can claim a replica if the source volume is not replicating, the replication link is broken, and the source volume is no longer part of a volume collection. At this point, the claim option is enabled. After the replica has been claimed, it becomes a regular volume that belongs to the downstream group and all the actions of a regular volume are enabled.