Unmanaged Snapshots

Unmanaged snapshots are snapshots that are no longer linked to the protection schedule that was defined when the snapshot was created. These snapshots are not automatically deleted by the array unless the Time-To-Live (TTL) feature is enabled. Refer to the CLI Administration Guide for information on how to use the TTL feature.

Unmanaged snapshots are created in the following scenarios:
  • Dissociation of a volume from a volume collection. This can occur even after a volume is temporarily dissociated as snapshots will remain after the dissociation takes place.
  • Deletion of a volume collection protection schedule from which the snapshots were created. This can occur even if a new schedule is created with same name.

  • Deletion of a volume collection from which the snapshots were created. This can occur when a volume is added to a volume collection with same name.

  • Renaming of the volume collection or a schedule on the upstream array group. This can create unmanaged snapshots on the downstream array group as the renamed volume collections and schedules are considered separate entities from the original ones on the downstream array group.