Deduplication on Hybrid Arrays

Deduplication is supported on the following hybrid arrays:
  • CS500, CS700
  • CS1000, CS3000, CS5000, CS7000
  • HF20, HF20H, HF40, HF60
These restrictions apply to deduplication on hybrid arrays:
  • Pinned volumes cannot be deduplicated.
  • Deduplication cannot be enabled across striped pools.
  • Replicated data is not deduplicated; the data is replicated without any deduplication savings.
  • The array must include the number of SSD drives indicated in the following table:
    Array Model Required Number of SSDs
    HF20H 2 SSDs
    HF20H fully populated 4 SSDs
    HF20H fully populated and upgraded to HF40H 4 SSDs
    HF20, HF40, HF60 6 SSDs
    CS500, CS700 4 SSDs
    CS1000 3 SSDs
    CS3000, CS5000, CS7000 6 SSDs
    NOTE: See the Array Configuration Matrix available on HPE InfoSight at for more information.
NOTE: If a hybrid platform contains volumes with deduplication enabled, any extra flash capacity that results from unpinning a volume is used to increase deduplication capacity.

Arrays that are updated from release and might have volumes with deduplication enabled. Any arrays that are updated to release or later with deduplicated volumes will operate as a deduplication capable array, regardless of the number of installed SSDs. Such configurations are not recommended by HPE.

The following tables provide information about the Maximum Deduplication Capacity (MDC) on supported hybrid arrays and the additional Flash to Disk Ratio (FDR) required to support MDC.

MDC and pool deduplication capacity outputs apply to hybrid arrays in the CS series only. On HF series and later models, the entire array capacity can be deduplicated.


You must have a four percent FDR to enable deduplication on the hybrid models. For MDC, you must have an additional four percent FDR for a total of eight percent FDR.

To see the deduplication capacity (TiB), log in to the array OS CLI as an administrator and run the pool --info pool_name command. On the HF20H, HF20, HF40, and HF60 models, this command returns N/A as the value for dedupe capacity (MiB). This is because you can enable deduplication for the entire array.

Table 1. Effective Capacity and Additional Flash Required to Support MDC
Platform Maximum Deduplication Capacity (MDC) Effective Capacity with 3x Deduplication Additional Flash Required to Support MDC
CS500 40 TiB 120 TiB 1.6 TiB
CS700 100 TiB 300 TiB 4 TiB
CS1000 10 TiB 30 TiB 0.4 TiB
CS3000 40 TiB 120 TiB 1.6 TiB
CS5000 100 TiB 300 TiB 4 TiB
CS7000 200 TiB 600 TiB 8 TiB
NOTE: Before you enable deduplication on hybrid arrays, review the product documentation for complete details.