Add Replication to a Volume Collection

You must have a volume collection to create replicas. You cannot create replicas on demand.

Before you can set up replication, you need to configure replication partners, also known as group partners for snapshot replication, pool partners for synchronous replication, and replication stores on HPE Cloud Volumes (HPE CV). Creating replication partners automatically enables two arrays or an array and HPE CV to replicate volume collections.

If you want to specify synchronous replication as the replication type on a volume collection, you must do that when the volume collection is created. After you designate it as a synchronously-replicated volume collection, the replication type cannot be changed.

When using snapshot replication, volume collections support up to two replication partners. You specify the replication partners when you create protection schedules for a volume collection. A volume collection can have up to ten schedules. You can set up the schedules so that certain ones use one of the replication partners and others use the other replication partner.
NOTE: You will receive an error message if you attempt to add a third replication partner to the schedule set for a volume collection.
  1. Go to ManageData ProtectionVolume Collections.
  2. On the Volume Collections page, check the checkbox for the volume collection that you want to edit.
  3. In the action bar, click the pencil icon to edit the volume collection.
  4. Select the Periodic Snapshot from the Replication Type list.
  5. Select the replication partner from the Replication Partner list.
  6. Click Save.
The volumes of this volume collection will be replicated to the replication partners specified in the schedule.