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The credentials created using the Set-NWTConfiguration cmdlet are stored in the context of that Windows user and can only be used by that Windows user. For example, the user MyCompany\user1 runs this cmdlet and stores their credentials for a Nimble group. Only MyCompany\user1 can successfully run NWT cmdlets for this group.

If a second user, for example, MyCompany\user2, wants to work with the same Nimble group, MyCompany\user2 must run the Set-NWTConfiguration cmdlet again. Each user who needs to work in the same Nimble group need to run this cmdlet.

Setup for Off-Host Backups using Set-NWTConfiguration

Use the Set-NWTConfiguration cmdlet to set your Nimble management group IPs for use by the VSS provider. For example, you can set IPs that the VSS provider will use to perform off-host backups using a third-party backup application.


Set-NWTConfiguration [-GroupMgmtIPList] <IPAddress[]> [<CommonParameters>]

Example with no options

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Set-NWTConfiguration,

Example with no credentials

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Set-NWTConfiguration -GroupMgmtIPList,,

Example with credentials

PS C:\Users|Administrator> Set-NWTConfiguration -GroupMgmtIP -CredentialObj $credentialobj