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Update NCM 6.x

Before you begin

You must have:
  • Downloaded the NCM installation package and moved it to the ESXi host if you are performing an offline installation.

    See Manually Download the NCM Software Package and Manually Copy NCM to the ESXi Host.

  • An SSH client such as PuTTY on the Windows or Linux host
  • Root access to the ESXi host if you are using the ESXCLI commands
  • A 15-minute interval when your ESXi host can be offline. You must then reboot the ESXI host to complete the installation.

When you update HPE Nimble Storage Connection Manager (NCM) 6.x for VMware on the ESXi host, you install a full version of NCM on top of an existing installation. You can install the update without uninstalling the current version of NCM.

Note: If you have NCM 5.x installed, you must uninstall it before upgrading your host to ESXi 6.x. Then you can install NCM 6.x. If you do not uninstall NCM 5.x, the HPE Nimble Storage Path Selection Plugin (PSP), which is part of NCM, might fail to load and might cause boot failures. See Uninstall NCM Versions Using 32-Bit VIBs for instructions.


  1. Install the update. Make sure you use the correct NCM software package for your ESXi host. You can use one of the following methods to install the NCM update:
  2. Reboot the ESXi host using either the ESXi web GUI or the VMware vSphere Web Client. Then reboot the host again. Do not use the CLI command reboot or reboot -f to restart the ESXi host.
    Note: To properly install NCM, two reboots of ESXi are required. The two reboots are necessary to enable the CompareLUNNumber advanced setting of NCM to take effect on all existing storage devices.
    The reboot operation takes 10 to 15 minutes. When the reboot is complete, you must reestablish your SSH client connection to verify the installation. You must reboot the ESXi host whenever you update or uninstall NCM or whenever you perform a fresh install of ESXi 6.0 or later. You do not need to reboot if you are performing a fresh install of NCM on ESXi 5.x.