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A subnet is logical subdivision of a network. It is defined by the first IP address in the network and a netmask that specifies a contiguous range of IP addresses within that network. A subnet can be assigned to one or more network interfaces.

The maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) can be set for a subnet so that it uses either a standard, jumbo, or custom frame size. If you choose to use a custom frame size, you must specify the size in bytes.

Specifying a VLAN ID on a subnet allows an interface to be assigned to more than one subnet using IEEE 802.1Q tagged frames. Switch port configuration must match the VLAN IDs configured on the subnets for tagged assignments. For more information, refer to the procedure to Configure VLAN Tagging in the Nimble Storage GUI Administration Guide or Nimble Storage CLI Administration Guide.

Note: The arrays in a Nimble Storage group communicate with each other on the “native vlan”. The native vlan can be enabled on any subnet; however, there needs to be at least one subnet in which “untagged” traffic is allowed. This native vlan is used when merging a group, adding and removing an array, updating a group configuration, and updating network configurations.